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Self-Guided Tours

Note: On use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) e.g. drones. NO DRONES ALLOWED on Navajo Land. Please abide by all Navajo Nation Laws. Also, NO ROCK CLIMBING on Navajo Land. Please abide by the humble religious requests of the Navajo people and do not climb the Monuments. “Navajo law will be strictly enforced on this issue,” Navajo Tribal Parks Department Manager.



The view from the rim is quite spectacular, but if you want to get up close to one of the most famous ruins in Canyon de Chelly then take this self guided tour down White House Trail.

This is the only trail at Canyon de Chelly National Monument where a Navajo Guide is not required.

The hiking down the trail is approx. 1.35 miles one way for a round-trip total of 2.7 miles. The trail has been rated from easy to moderate. Make sure to take plenty of water and snacks, take any breaks you need, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and a hat. Expect the trail walk to take up to 2 hours. *Note: no fee or permit is required. The road leading to trail is paved.

For additional information, you can call Navajo Nation Parks & Rec at 928-871-6647

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The view from the visitor center is quite spectacular, but most of the park can only be seen from a 17-mile dirt road, which starts there and goes southeast among the cliffs and mesas. The road is very rough and difficult for non-4WD vehicles. This is the only self-guided trail in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal park, and it is a 3.2 mile loop that will take up to 3 hours to complete.

*Note: there is an entry fee to get into the Monument Valley Park at $20 per vehicle up to 4 people, if more than 4 people, there is an additional fee of $6 per person.

Click on the website below & scroll through the menu to get additional information.

Image Click here to learn more about Wildcat Trails Around the Mitten


The Grand Falls is over 181 feet tall and it resembles a chocolate waterfall when the monsoon rain hits northern Arizona from mid-July to early August and during the snow melt from the winter snowstorms. The falls are fed by the Little Colorado River with water coming in from the White Mountains and several other smaller creeks from the Colorado Plateau. Note: the road leading to the falls is not paved, but does have road gravel.

There are picnic tables/benches with gazebos that will provide shade – maybe take some food. There is a waterless restroom facility – you may want to take a supply of toilet paper, hand sanitizer or extra water and soap to wash your hands. Take plenty of water for hydration and please “pack in and pack out” – leave no trash. Be wary of your footing in the area, especially near the falls. The ground might look stable, but could give way.


If you want a spectacular view of the Ute Mountain, Red Valley, La Plata Mountains, and Shiprock pinnacle all at once, then this place is your go-to. You can bring your picnic food items to eat and take in the view, just make sure to PACK-IN and PACK-OUT, do not leave any trash behind.

If you pay close attention, there is a natural spring on the north side of the road, about 5.4 miles east of Lukachukai on Navajo Route 13. Buffalo Pass Picnic grounds sits at an elevation of 8,482 feet, while the site is beautiful, the road can be a very daunting drive during wet and cold weather. During the winter months, please be advised that the road may be closed – even if the gates are not closed during winter weather, it is highly advised not to travel the Navajo Route 13 – as the road is narrow, steep and has sharp curves and can become very icy. This road is not maintained very often in winter months.

There are 2 gas stations on both sides of the mountain base –

  • WESTSIDE of the Chuska – GIANT/CONOCO in Lukachukai at the intersection of Navajo Route 13 and Navajo Route 12.
  • EASTSIDE of the Chuska – RED ROCK TRADING POST in Red Valley, along Navajo Route 13.

Both gas stations have various food items for purchase and may even have some Navajo vendors offering various sales.

imageDirections to Buffalo Pass from Shiprock, New Mexico
imageDirections to Buffalo Pass from Lukachukai, Arizona

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