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Tour Companies

There is nothing like touring the Navajo Nation and viewing all the sites – but what if you want to see a more exclusive side of Navajoland? This is when you will want to hire a Navajo Guide to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime tour. Each tour guide has the knowledge, history and cultural background of the sites they will take you. Provided below is a listing of tour guide companies.

Navajo Tours USA

This Navajo-owned Tour Company. Navajo Tours USA, we guide you on walking tours into the Bisti badlands and Chaco Canyon. We share indigenous history, tread with safety, and experience with respect. Schedule an appointment through their website below.

TOURS OFFERED on NAVAJOLAND – Hiking, Camping, and can guide night photographers into areas such as the Bisti Badlands area!

For more information contact:

Owner:  Kialo Winters
P.O. Box 1795
Cuba, NM 87013

image 1 (855) 422-5476
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 Navajo Tours USA
image Navajo Tours USA
 Navajo Tours USA

Mystical Antelope Canyon Tours

Come experience Mystical Antelope Canyon located on the rustic, beautiful lands of the Navajo Nation. Mystical Antelope Canyon and Arrowhead Campground are located near the town of Page, Arizona. We give our guests the opportunity to experience the Diné (Navajo) way of life. We offer the following options for an overnight stay: onsite space rental for tents; one of our two tipi’s; or a traditional Navajo hogan. Guests are encouraged to join us on a tour of Antelope Canyon to see the Mystic for themselves.

We offer two tours of Antelope Canyon:

    • Delve deep into the depths of Antelope Canyon with Lester Littleman (Company Co-Owner). Follow him through the twists, turns, and narrow passages as he explains the history and mysticism behind the canyon. Guests may bring cell phone cameras.
    • In this tour, professional photographers can bring their equipment and crew into the canyon to capture special events such as weddings and graduations. Tours will be led by Lester Littleman. Before booking, photographers must obtain a special use permit per the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Rules. Participants must also sign a photo/film agreement. Drones are not permitted in Navajo parks.

For more information, please visit our website at: BOOK ONLINE!

Owners: Lester and Rose Ann Littleman
State Route 98, Mile Post 306.9
Page, Arizona 86040
GPS Coordinates: 36.8329050, -111.3163090

Navajo Trails

Let Navajo Trails (term used at turn of century to identify routes used by Native Americans for hundred of years) be your guide to Southwest Native American Culture, Sacred & Natural Sights and Art & Culture. Paul Tohlakai, founder of Navajo Trails, is a full-blood Diné (Navajo) and has had 15 years of Southwest experiences. He has an extensive knowledge of the Southwest people, land & culture to share with tour groups & clients.

For more information contact: 

Owner:  Paul Tohlakai
Native Trails
​Pinon, Arizona 86510

image 928-200-5856
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Navajo Big Game Adventures

NBGA covers the entire Navajo Nation. Specializing in Desert Bighorn sheep hunting. Provide hunting guides for mule deer, antelope and elk.

For more information contact: 

image 505-777-2630 Dwayne Waseta
image 928-309-8311 Harry Dejolie
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Dusty Trail Rider

Provides horseback riding tours in Shonto and also provides Navajo cultural information at Navajo National Monument.

For more information contact:

Owner:  Jim Black
P.O. Box 7458
Shonto, AZ.  86054

image 928-206-5807
image Message: 928-206-4506
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For more information regarding Hunting on The Navajo Nation, visit the Navajo Nation Fish & Wildlife page

On this page, you will find a listing of Hunting Guides that are officially permitted to be Navajo Guides for Hunting.

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