Grand Falls


The Grand Falls Recreational Area is on Navajo Nation land and is maintained by the Leupp Chapter House.

Grand Falls (also known as the ‘Chocolate Falls’) is over 181 feet tall, and occurs when the monsoon season hits northern Arizona and during snow melt from the winter snowstorms. The falls are fed by the Little Colorado River with water coming from Mount Baldy, located 140 miles southeast, and several other smaller creeks from the Colorado Plateau. But, during the rest of the year, the falls do not appear, but as a trickle of water.

Plan your trip by observing the WATER LEVEL GAUGE reading provided by the USGS website, make sure the reading is above 200 per cubic feet. If the reading is in the thousands, plan to visit the Grand Falls within 24-48 hours.

There are picnic tables/benches with gazebos that provide shade – maybe take some food for a picnic. There is a waterless restroom facility – you may want to take a supply of toilet paper, hand sanitizer or extra water and soap to wash your hands. Take plenty of water for hydration and please “pack in and pack out” – leave no trash. Be wary of your footing in the area, especially near the falls, the ground might look stable, but could give way. Please keep an eye on young children and pets.

The road leading to the falls is not paved, but does have a maintained gravel road – a service provided by the Leupp Chapter House in Leupp, Arizona. For current Grand Falls and road conditions, call the Leupp Chapter House at (928) 686-3227.

Note: Please use Indian Route 6910 – south of the Grand Falls, do not use the Oraibi Road access on the northside from Leupp. Also, please respect local residents, their land and livestock, etc.

If there is an issue with this, please call the local Chapter House at (928) 686-3227 to report this. If there is an extreme situation, please call the local Police Department @ Dilkon (928) 657-8076.

Grand Falls

Panoramic view of inside the Visitor’s rotunda, overlooking the Grand Falls.

Grand Falls-South Entrance Grand Falls-South Entrance right

View of the road entrance off Indian Route 15 to Indian Route 6910: Left and right side of the cattle guard. Road access is about 8.5 miles west of the town of Leupp.

Places Nearby


Located approx. 8.5 miles east of the road entrance of Grand Falls. This is a small town with a population of 951, according to the Census 2010.

  • Shell Gas Station
  • Leupp Elementary School
  • Leupp Head Start
  • Leupp Chapter House
  • Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints


Approximately 13 miles northwest – as the crow flies, but to get to Wupatki Ruins, you have to get back onto the main road, drive west and onto State Route 89 and travel north. This rounds out to about a 70 mile trip (or an 1 hour and 30 min drive). It is highly recommended not to drive on the dirt road to Wupatki Ruins through Navajoland from Grand Falls.


Stay for the evening (or two) to catch the Grand Falls in the twilight times of sunset or sunrise when spectacular photo opportunities happen! The resort features a AAA 4-Diamond hotel rating with its luxurious bedding and room amenities. The casino portion is northern Arizona’s premiere slot machines and tables. There is also activities for the kids – a gaming room with XBox, PlayStation and online game stations, near the 24 hour pool. The trip to and from Grand Falls is about 35 miles, from I-40 to the Winona Exit (Exit 211) and onto Leupp Road (Cty Road 419).

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